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Unique Services and Collections

We have three convenient locations to serve you and a variety of materials and services to assist you. Learn more about us below:

Wireless Internet Service
Low Vision Aids
Color Copies and Fax Service
Disc Repair Services
Donald W. Green Local History Room
Literacy Materials
Foreign Language Collection
Scanners (flatbed)
High-Volume Scanner and VHS converter

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About Us Header Staff Directory Header
  Larry Neal Library Director 586-226-5011 Main Library
  Juliane Morian Associate Director/UX 586-226-5091 Main Library
  Jamie Morris Head of Community Relations/Marketing & Development 586-226-5013 Main Library
  Phil Giannotta Facilities Manager 586-226-5015 Main Library
Aaron Green Technology Manager 586-226-5017 Main Library
  Chris Hearns Technology Assistant 586-226-5018 Main Library
Jeannie Lake Bookkeeper 586-226-5012 Main Library
  Karrie Westphal Bookkeeper 586-226-5012 Main Library
  Therese Peticca Administrative Assistant 586-226-5007 Main Library

Customer Care and Cataloging Services
  Andrea Tasker Cataloging Manager 586-226-5061 Main Library
  Brenna Godin Customer Care Manager 586-226-5084 North Branch
  Katie LeBlanc Customer Care Manager 586-226-5024 Main Library
  Vicki Bernieri Customer Care Manager 586-226-5074 South Branch

Librarian Management
  Emily Kubash Head of Popular Materials 586-226-5051 Main Library
  Kathy Champieux Head of Adult Nonfiction 586-226-5041 Main Library
Lisa Mulvenna Head of Children's Services 586-226-5031 Main Library
  Margaret Dekovich South Branch Manager 586-226-5071 South Branch
  Gretchen Krug North Branch Manager 586-226-5081 North Branch
  Anne Mandel MLBPH Manager 586-226-5053 MLBPH/Main
  Michelle Roberts Digital Services Manager 586-226-5043 Main Library
  Sarah Jones YA Services Manager 586-226-5037 Main Library