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BARD is an online catalog of downloadable books and magazines available from the National Library Service.

To download books from the BARD website you must be a registered patron of a Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, in good standing. You need a computer with a high speed internet connection, thumb drive or digital cartridge, digital player and an email account. You also need basic computer knowledge to recognize computer drives and files to use this service.

  • Application procedures for the BARD website:
  1. Complete and submit the application at the BARD website.
  2. An email notice will be sent confirming your application was received.
  3. Library personnel will review your application.
  4. An email notice will be sent containing your approval or rejection status.
  5. If approved, a Welcome email will be sent containing your login ID, which is your email address, and a temporary password.
  6. Login to the BARD website and change your temporary password to a password of your choice according to the instructions.
  7. Search the website for books you want to read and download them to a thumb drive or cartridge to play on your digital player.
  • Steps to Downloading NLS Digital Books
  1. Put a flash drive into the computer. The computer will indicate that a device has been connected, recognize it as a drive, and assign it a letter, such as “Removable Disk (K:)”

  2. Go to the BARD website and login with your email address and password. Search for a desired book and choose the “Download” link to initiate the download to your computer.

  3. When downloading a book, you will be prompted to either “open” or “save” the file. The terms used may differ based on the web browser, but in Internet Explorer “save as” should be selected. Saving to the “Desktop” is recommended. Once the location is noted, choose “save” to begin the download.

  4. When the download has completed, go to the Desktop:
    • Right click or press Shift + F10 on the downloaded digital book (DB), and from the pop-up menu choose “extract all.”
    • An unzip window will open (if it does not, unzip utilities such as ZipGenius are available as freeware on the Internet).
    • Choose the “Extract” button to begin the extraction process. The pop-up window will close automatically once the process has completed.

  5. Go to the Desktop:
    • Right click or press Shift + F10 on the unzipped folder just created.
    • From the pop-up menu choose “Send To” and then choose the flash drive name that was assigned in Step 1.
    • The pop-up window will close automatically once the process has completed.

  6. Remove the flash drive from your computer and insert it in the side slot on your digital player to listen to the book. Enjoy listening!
  7. It is possible to download multiple books to a flash drive; however, you will need to use the “Bookshelf” feature on the digital machine in order to access all the titles. Please choose this link to view the Bookshelf instruction sheet.

    Print instructions for using the BARD Mobile App