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Best of: Automotive    

Autos & RVs
This commercial site offers listings of boats and yachts for sale, boat values and boat show dates; some parts of the site require free registration.
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's Guides:
Provides true market value pricing of new and used cars including invoice price and MSRP and reviews of new vehicles.
Fuel Economy Comparisons:
Compare new and used vehicles on gas mileage, pollution emissions, and safety at this site from the U.S. Department of Energy.
Kelley Blue Book:
Find the retail and trade-in value for new and used cars, reviews on new vehicles, buying & selling tips, and some price coverage for motorcycles, personal watercraft and snowmobiles.
Find the values of new and used cars, classic cars, aircraft, power sport vehicles, recreational vehicles including motor homes, and modular or manufactured homes.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:
Locate safety information on vehicles, crash test data, tips on child passenger safety, air bag facts, and school bus safety.
Old Car Manuals:
This site allows you to search old car manuals that have been scanned and digitized. The site does not carry a fee for use, but provides a method for making donations to the site.

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